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Hendrix Architects vision is inherently simple.  It is about creating beautiful, comprehensible, meaningful and functional buildings that satisfy and exceed clients needs and desires. 

Design philosophy

Sustainability:  all projects should contain the highest measure of environmental sustainability including energy efficiency and carbon neutrality, use of durable materials, ease of maintenance, water conservation etc

style:  in our view, style is not temporal, style is an eternal concept based on a poetry of site and historical conditions, climactic influences, and client personalities.  Developing style, that's the fun part!


Hendrix Architects provides services in all aspects of design, including site planning, development analysis, commercial and residential buildings, furniture and lighting design.  We are devoted to providing services to maximize value on any budget both in terms of architectural services and construction efficiency.

Please contact us for a free consultation on your potential project.

We are in the roaring fork valley in aspen colorado, but as you can see in the following pages, we work all over the world!